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Friday, August 28, 2009

songs and stickers

I have been busy making bags, learning French and teaching art. 
It has started to cut into my blogging time. So while sewing and listening to music, I was thinking of tracks that would be great "dear plastic" sounds!

and this is just added because the film clip is so funny...very old Pizzicato 5 song before Nomiya Maki.

p.s. I have a stealer in my neighborhood...someone keeps taking my "no junk mail" sticker off my letterbox?! I am thinking of making my own sticker with some kind of sly comment...any ideas?!

Friday, August 21, 2009

to print or not to print?

I went to an openhaus event at screenhaus. Screenhaus are one of a few, hand screenprinters left in Sydney and one that is most "green"-minded! 
I am trying to work out a "cradle to cradle" way of applying a design onto my bag and was directed to these lovely people. 
If I was not designing a bag that was completely biodegradable, then they would be my people!

They are the "greenest" printers in Sydney, only using inks and materials that are water soluble.
Steve showed us the steps for printing... from a photoshopped design, to the screen, inks and the final print. It is a beautiful and exciting process, but I couldn't get passed the amount of water and energy used and the amount of acrylics that were washed down the sink.(I guess it goes hand in hand with the textile industry?)

It looks like I have to keep searching...hopefully I will have some kind of something on the bags??!!! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

little joys

sketch book zine and gokko print

I was given a little bundle of goodies from my friend Emma N! She went on a trip to Melbourne and surprised me with treats from the Ghost patrol and Miso studio sale! Yiipeeee...thank u emma!

p.s. I went to one half of SANAA: Segima Kazuyo talk on the weekend. Beautiful and inspiring. 
 Liane describes SANAA to a T on her Tweet...

Ryue Nishizawa & Kazuyo Sejima(I also loved her amazing comme des garcon dress!)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

cl cl cl clean up!

It was one of our warmest winter days today...28 degrees  and super sunny in Sydney.
I cleaned my house and walked down to the beach for a quick dip.
Balmoral was crowded with lots of people. I met up with Taka who was on his way back from a surf at Manly.

We walked along to the other end of the beach. It was the afternoon and people were starting to leave... and so Taka and I started picking up things people had left behind.
Straws, bottles, cigarette butts, chip packets, lollipop sticks, fish and chip boxes, beer bottles...luckily someone had left a plastic bag on the beach, so we were able to collect these things into the bag.

Bowmoral is meant to be one of the cleaner city beaches. Plus it has a very supportive council, that has recently installed recycling bins along the beach.
What I am struggling to understand is why "littering" is still an issue...especially at the beach? 
I am not a writer but this is a little something I came up with...

'Some today, came out to play, to enjoy the warm and sunshine. At the end of the day, they gave thanks for the day and scattered things they no longer fancied.

Magically they think, these things disappear. 
The beach...It cleans itself?! 
Ready for the next sunny day, when they decide it's time again to go out and play.'

No wonder we have a garbage island appearing in the middle of the sea.
Have a look at this! (This was an extract from the New York Times, Oct 2001):

Thursday, August 13, 2009

lovely little read

Birds by Jeffrey Fisher...Australian illustrator/ artist living in Paris
this beautiful book could turn everyone into a bird- lover.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little collage by dear plastic

my other little project that will be on show at the COFA spring fair(along side bag: pura project) and maybe on an online store soon?! 
a little collag...jewelery made from vintage and antique charms and chains. All recycled and all pre-loved.

This piece is called 3knots, bow and anchor. Vintage brass, 9ct gold chain and charms.

p.s. can anyone offer any advice regarding organic silk screen printing inks??? I am trying to find biodegradable ink but have not had luck...

Monday, August 10, 2009

is there a word for animal genocide?

David Trubridge led me to this amazing documentary, Sharkwater. It's on you tube(of course!).
It has made me think and think...when, and how did we allow ourselves to become so self righteous? when did our needs and wants take precedence over our peaceful eco system?

Having conquered the shops, finding places that will serve fish and meats into my own tupperware, this documentary has mede me question a few things.

How do I know where this fish is from? Who were the fisherman? How did they catch the fish? What company and where??? 

This documentary has made me realise for certain that I do not want to be consciously/ subconsciously a part of any form of animal cruelty. 
I will be crossing meats and fish off my list until I can be 100% confident, that the meats and fish I am consuming, is cruelty free and balanced harmoniously within our ecosystem.

(In the meantime you could try this? Meat free monday?!(isn't it a fun day!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

eco crush 2...S*T*E*L*L*A

fall/winter 09-10 ad campaign

spring/ summer 09 ad campaign

Stella McCartney is my new eco crush. She needs no introductions here's my quiet thought (...I think she is amazing(?!) 

Friday, August 7, 2009

nothing to do with plastic, but keeps me inspired

I run almost every day, either early morning or early evening. This is usually the light that I am running in. To me it's the most peaceful time of day, esp. if you are a city dweller- living in suburbia. 
Two things I am enjoying on my route...magnolia's and the sea. They keep me going, on and on...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i new eco-crush!

Bubble tea straw rings, sterling silver, 18ct gold, 9ct gold

Wella blotouch shampoo bottles, plastic bags, sterling silver brooch

Hand spun plastic shopping bags, 18ct gold

only juice company orange juice bottles, sterling silver bracelet

Shampoo series, sterling silver rings

Wendy's ice cream topping bottles(with Mark Vaarwerk!)

Wendy's ice cream topping bottles, sterling silver bracelet

Mark Vaarwerk's jewellery is amazing...made from throwaway plastics with an inner layer of precious metal. Each colour is a specific recycled consumer item...I am desperately in love with this candy/ wendy's pink bracelet...yum!
You can catch a few of his pieces at Ivan Dougherty Gallery, COFA Sustain Me: Contemporary design exhibition until 22nd August