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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Artworks in our webshop

We have just listed some artworks on our web shop.

They are collaged watercolour artworks that inspired our window "our cosmos" for the Incu artists window project.

When we create large installations, they usually take up to 3 months from the inception of an idea. We work on a lot of small artworks and they form the inspiration for our larger installation.
We never really show these works as they are process work for the final artwork. But we thought all art is never complete and artworks are part of an artists journey and process.

We have created 6 installations in the past 2 years. They are mostly self funded and we are still working on ways of balancing income with our passion projects. This is when we thought it was time to start releasing some of these pieces. This means you can take home a piece of that installation as well as helping us fund the next. We are hoping to continue this and have you part of our journey and process as Artists.

You can purchase these here