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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

earth hour tokyo

(ginza, tokyo at 9pm)

Since the earthquake, Japan seems to be spiraling into chaos. Due to one nuclear plant down, tokyo and surrunding areas have regular "black-outs", (where electricity of an area is cut-off for 3hrs) and the country is on a huge campaign to reduce energy. These posters are everywhere. Shops close at 6pm and even the biggest busiest areas feel like ghost towns at night. Tokyo is "earth hour"-ing every day.
Coming out of a terrible disaster, the country seems to be heading into a new lifestyle of change. It's exciting to think of the possibilities.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Narita, Kozu no mori exhibition

Our exhibition in Narita, Kozu no mori started today. We will be showing at Gallery Umi until the 7th of April. More info here.

The gallery's beautiful space was added onto Kobayashi-san's house by an artist friend of hers. She is the most loveliest free spirit to ever work with. I like the floor- window you can see from the street and hand made steel door. We will add more daylight gallery pics next sunday!

(inside view with my sister Miwa, who helped bump-in)

Our charity workshop will be held on the 3rd of April at Gallery Umi. Workshop cost is ¥500, with all proceeds going to Red cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.
COME COME! and if you're not in town(?!) make some flowers with us here, in spirit and spread some HOPE!

Thanks Miwa for helping out with the exhibition bump-in. She left tokyo tonight to study zen meditation in Kyoto...happy meditating

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flower Hope Japan

6 months ago, we were asked to be part of an exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.
When the devastating earthquake hit Japan on the 11th March, this country suffered more than anyone could ever have imagined.
We decided to continue on with plans for the exhibition, hoping to raise funds for the earthquake affected areas but due to the "blackouts" the exhibition will be postponed until next year. Our Narita exhibition is still on schedule but it will depend on the situation next week.

We have made a small video, which we plan to teach at a workshop in Narita to raise funds for Red Cross Japan.
We are calling this our "Flower Hope Japan Project". We want to spread HOPE to as many people as we can and raise funds at the same time.

To make a flower full of HOPE(!) you will need:
a paper bag(recycle an old one!), scissors and colourful masking tape. If you don't have masking tape, you can use stickers or pens and pencils

If you like our video please donate to the Red cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief, any small amount makes a huge difference.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Sharifah Farah Hasnuddin, 7yrs old

Tomato car, kazuhiro Takahashi

Healthy Earth, Mayumi Kosakai, 3 yrs old

Beautiful flowers, Kanako Imai, 5yrs old

I see myself losing hope lately.
We arrived in Tokyo on the morning of the earthquake. I had forgotten about earthquakes in Japan. The 4 years I was living here, I had only ever experienced slight earth tremors and it came as quite a shock.

We have our health, we have our family and friends and yet I see myself losing hope from the the happenings around me.

On TV a mother told her story of being in the library when the tsunami engulfed the building. She was with her 8year old daughter. They held onto each others hand as the water forced them up to the ceiling. She was pushed away from her daughter by different objects and she let go of her daughters hand. Her daughter was swept away. This all happened in seconds. She does not know where she is.

A man spoke of helping people up a hill to escape from the approaching tsunami. He did this until the last moment. He broke down in tears when he described the force of the wave and the people he saw being swept away, that he couldn't help.

Everyday we feel different earth tremors, see unbelievable images and hear heart breaking stories.

I keep reminding myself that we need to keep hope to inspire others to keep hope.

(all images from Kids Earth Fund)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

our little secret

in 2 days, we can finally tell everyone our secret!
here's a sneak peak...