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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sydney Design and milk carton paper making!

As mentioned earlier...knitty gritty loopy are doing "free"(!) workshops as part of Sydney Design. We are all passing on a skill and Taka and I are sharing our love for milk carton paper making! Here is a little vid(with our dp tune)....not the best but will do for now!

This paper is surprisingly beautiful...we use it for all our tags and business cards.
Join us....lets share the LOVE....reuse- recycle- reLOVE!

p.s. here are the details for who, when, where, why:
WHO?: knitty gritty loopy
WHEN?: 31 July, 7 Aug, 14+ 15 Aug 11am- 3pm
WHERE?: Level 4, 2 Hill Street, Surry Hills.
WHY?: it's FREE....+ every workshop has guest speakers to inspire.

Friday, July 23, 2010

knitty gritty coming up!

I am part of a craft group knitty gritty loopy:

we art and craft...knit, crochet, weave, felt and make all sorts of things to try and help make the world a nicer place
we seek to inspire creative re-use and encourage waste awareness, in a relaxing cosy crafty environment!

Some events coming up....
July 31st- Aug 15th: Sydney Design

we would love a visit....all events and workshops are free and packed full of crafty fun!

p.s. if you drink milk, eat eggs or shop with plastic bags...we need you! we are calling out for materials. If you have milk cartons, egg shells and plastic bags lying could drop them into Studio 34, Level 3, 8 Hill Street, Surry Hills 2010 and they will be lovingly re-created into something special.( gently wash egg shells and milk cartons please!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

thank you

pre- show, it's over!
thank you for everyone who dropped by and all your lovely support.
Jerome for the music.
Blair for the video.
Kirst+ Emma for the lovely champagne and flowers.
Sweetness for the beautiful treats.
and my lovely Taka for everything!

Kirst + Jerome

Nathan + Emma

Sweetness treats!


Taka with camellias made from washi paper

Photos by Emma and Taka .

Friday, July 9, 2010

a glimpse

a glimpse of the opening by my lovely film-maker/composer friend Blair!

more photos to come....but the night was filled with amazing sounds by Jerome, gorgeous treats by Sweetness and the beautiful company of all my friends!