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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a little collage by dear plastic

my other little project that will be on show at the COFA spring fair(along side bag: pura project) and maybe on an online store soon?! 
a little collag...jewelery made from vintage and antique charms and chains. All recycled and all pre-loved.

This piece is called 3knots, bow and anchor. Vintage brass, 9ct gold chain and charms.

p.s. can anyone offer any advice regarding organic silk screen printing inks??? I am trying to find biodegradable ink but have not had luck...


  1. owwwwww yumi-chan! this one is so gorgeous too!!!! And i wear mine every day! I am going to buy more from you at the stall! eek i better make something for the stall and my online shop soon!!!!!!!!
    Love Love

  2. thank you ebony! you are very very sweet!