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Monday, August 10, 2009

is there a word for animal genocide?

David Trubridge led me to this amazing documentary, Sharkwater. It's on you tube(of course!).
It has made me think and think...when, and how did we allow ourselves to become so self righteous? when did our needs and wants take precedence over our peaceful eco system?

Having conquered the shops, finding places that will serve fish and meats into my own tupperware, this documentary has mede me question a few things.

How do I know where this fish is from? Who were the fisherman? How did they catch the fish? What company and where??? 

This documentary has made me realise for certain that I do not want to be consciously/ subconsciously a part of any form of animal cruelty. 
I will be crossing meats and fish off my list until I can be 100% confident, that the meats and fish I am consuming, is cruelty free and balanced harmoniously within our ecosystem.

(In the meantime you could try this? Meat free monday?!(isn't it a fun day!)


  1. Hello Yumi! I haven't visited for a little while but I enjoyed catching up on your blog - especially feeding the fishies!

    My family used to have meat-free Fridays - it's quite an old fashioned Catholic tradition. I loved it because we had fish and chips for dinner - and that made it something to look forward to.

    So I think for my meat free day, I will make it super exciting by planning lovely vegetarian meal. Delicious! Love Emma

  2. Yumi Thank you!

    i just watched all 9 parts.. An Amazing documentary. it made me cry. It made me want to do make change.
    And i have just discovered the magic of the ocean, learning to dive, so this came to me at the most perfect timing.

    The Australian media have a lot to answer for too..the amount of times the news reports portray sharks to be evil..that is something that has always enraged me. But i had no idea how endangered sharks really were.. How brutal humans really were.