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Friday, August 21, 2009

to print or not to print?

I went to an openhaus event at screenhaus. Screenhaus are one of a few, hand screenprinters left in Sydney and one that is most "green"-minded! 
I am trying to work out a "cradle to cradle" way of applying a design onto my bag and was directed to these lovely people. 
If I was not designing a bag that was completely biodegradable, then they would be my people!

They are the "greenest" printers in Sydney, only using inks and materials that are water soluble.
Steve showed us the steps for printing... from a photoshopped design, to the screen, inks and the final print. It is a beautiful and exciting process, but I couldn't get passed the amount of water and energy used and the amount of acrylics that were washed down the sink.(I guess it goes hand in hand with the textile industry?)

It looks like I have to keep searching...hopefully I will have some kind of something on the bags??!!! 


  1. so many pretty colours!
    i loved the pink colour collection and then the next pic of the pinks mixed with the greens, greys and neutrals blew me away! so lovely!

  2. I know! I was taking so many photos of their pots of many pinks!!!

  3. hi yumi.
    maybe this is too obvious but you don't need a high pressure water hose or uv lights if you use a silk screen with hand cut stencils under it. school we weren't allowed to wash ink down the sink. you had to scoop it put it back and sponge the screen down before you washed it, so paint into sink was at a minimum too.
    yudu sheets can be exposed by sunlight too but they come in a plastic container.
    hope your well