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Friday, July 3, 2009

opt for the co-op!

I have hit the jackpot...true "dear plastic" gold!
I have discovered a food co-operative near my work. You may have heard of a co- op or be already shopping at one, but they are amazing havens for people going off disposable packaging.
They're '...a not for profit community owned shop' and their goals are to:

- offer the best health option food possible, that is, organic or biodynamic; and if that is not available, offer the next best thing e.g. chemical-free
- offer food that has been produced with environmental sensitivity
- purchase in bulk, thus offering customers the best price available on goods
- avoid waste created by over-packaging by encouraging customers to re-use jars, bags and containers

When you walk in, you wash your hands. (as you are handling all the foods out of the containers.) They even have little towels above the sink for you to dry your hands with!

You then choose your foods... they have everything from chocolate, grains, pasta, rice, spices, tea, coffee, miso, snacks, cleaning products, shampoo!

You scoop the food into your container(plastic kit to the rescue!), and then pay for it at the register!
I can't believe that I was even able to buy fresh tofu and umeboshi(japanese pickled plum)...I thought I was going to have to give it up or start making it myself!

I have become a member($22.6Aus) which entitles me to 10% discount every time I shop..woohooo!


  1. Your co-op looks lovely Yumi! I am going to go look for one in my neighborhood! xx

  2. Yumi-chan! This place is amazing! And even has Japanese essentials like mirin! Doko desu ka? ikitai~!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. hola ebony and emma!
    I have listed co-op's that you can try out!

  4. Super great Start Yumes.
    do they have a selection of Honeys ?