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Thursday, July 2, 2009

an embarrassing truth

After realising that there are somethings with packaging that I need to keep buying:
1.eye contacts,
2.female hygiene products,

I have decided that my embarrassingly huge consumption of magazines must go.

So there you have it!

Not that it makes it sound any better but these were my regular reads:

And these were my sometimes reads(!):

Out of all those magazines, I have found that Dumbo Feather is the only magazine made from 100% Australian recycled paper(no plastic coating, which means..."dear plastic" friendly!) and printed using vegetable inks.

Thank you Dumbo Feather!


  1. :( If you borrow someones copy of the magazine or share in a cafe is it okay? you can borrow VL and VA from me!

  2. I love DF so am happy to give them the money rather than read other peoples, check with their site but I think they have a paperless subscription for iphones.

    Contact lenses - ask your optician about gas permeable lenses. Daily wear but last for years. Very durable (don't rip like soft ones) but slightly less comfy than softies.

    Sanitary stuff - sea sponges or use a keeper/mooncup. A bit confronting at first but definitely natural (sponges) and reusable.

    Good luck :)

  3. Thanks ebony!

    Thank you for the suggestions (another outspoken female!). I am going to look into the lenses and sea sponges?! wow... I never knew?!

  4. For a fashion fix, try Peppermint - all recycled paper, happy inks etc and they post in a paper bag.

  5. ooh, great! thanks, the mag looks lovely!

  6. Many libraries subscribe to magazines, a possible way to get your fix, plastic free, and library-supportive!