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Saturday, June 27, 2009

first things first!

Day one: I woke up, with my guard on...plastic ready and decided to cook my special(!) mr. some eggs and bacon with some healthy greens. Checked the fridge but I had run out of greens?! So I thought, I would pick some up on my way home from my jog. Hmm...purchasing loose salad leaves means:PLASTIC BAGS. 
After some thought, I decided to jog holding firmly onto a calico shopping bag and a small recycled plastic bag!
This made me think about my diet and what I want to achieve. 

Plastic is not our's our colourful, shiny friend. It is very useful and is almost vital with our everyday life. I don't want to get rid of it completely, I don't think that is possible. 

What I think is possible is to change our view of plastic and our disposable consumer mentality.

My first rule is to recycle all the plastics I have hidden away (plastic bags, containers and bottles) and not introduce more plastic that is disposable into my life.
To help me do this, I created a kit! Very simple. Made up of RECYCLED plastic bags, paper bags and round/ rectangle take-away containers!

I made for me and one for mr!
Then I popped mine into my car.

Now it sits happily in the back...and I am plastic ready for on the go!

P.s. I just found out that there was a "dear plastic" song by the sugar cubes( Bjork's band before she became famous for just being Bjork!) 
Super exciting, 'cos she is one super inspiration!


  1. Super great idea Miss. Yumi!
    I like to carry around a folded cotton shopping bag for those 'just in case' shopping moments too, but now i am going to go one step further like you and take a container and maybe a mug for when i stop to get my Mango-Strawberry juice from the man on the corner.

    Keep up the inspiring Yumi!

    Love your RRR friend.
    (reduce, reuse, recycle!)

    p.s. I know its plastic, but Nalgene bottles are made super strong and do not leak once the lid is screwed tight and they also take boiling liquids (cause they are polypropolene) and come with wide mouths too for all sorts of goodies (olives from the deli, yoghurt etc etc.) I have one that is over ten years old and still going strong!

  2. hi yumi! that is such a great idea! between you and the lovely hello sandwich - we can all be inspired to change our world:)

  3. Thank you for your support!
    It's really lovely to hear your thoughts.