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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Yoga Shed

Our recent work is with The Yoga Shed in Richmond.
Theresa and Yves own the shop, Greenhills Organics in Richmond, NSW. It began as just a simple organic groceries, fruit and vege store (which didn't exist in the area) and now includes an organic vege patch next to the shop and their new community yoga centre (which was an empty shed opposite the store).
We are very inspired by Theresa and Yves and their sense of community, their generous hearts in opening up their space for yoga and all things good for the soul :)

We have been working on the logo and flyer for their opening in April. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!


  1. i love the Logo! and so good to know there is something like this out in Richmond. Would love to visit sometime :)

  2. Loved the flyer. It's a great location for Hawkesbury community. The autumn opening of the 'Yoga Shed' did it no favors at all as the community retreated towards winter hibernation and saving the dollars for winter fuel in the months to come. While $15 per class is average, many have other priorites for their hard earned cash in order to make it go further in these difficult economic times, it would be a pity to have the shed close down; in order to draw the yogis to the shed a drop in class fees would see them running to the shed with their yoga mats, discounts for seniors, and bulk bookings ie, buy X 4 classes for $40 making it an attractive offer and the instructors will have the knowledge that they will have more attendees. Everyone wins. Good Luck.

  3. THE YOGA SHED RICHMOND NSW I agree with Anonymous it's just too expensive $15 plus petrol cost to get to a class = 3 hot meals for my family. Drop the fees and see the locals turn up to the shed. :-)