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Saturday, October 10, 2009

hunters and collectors!


My jogs in the mornings have turned into half walks, half runs?! I have become distracted with collecting rubbish along the beach. Today I collected many many plastic forks and spoons...and once you start looking, you become obsessed with picking them up?!
I start to wonder why people are leaving their bits and pieces around, when they are still functioning forks and spoons and straws etc etc??? and then I wonder why I'm not picking up cartier rings or hermes watches?! If only we placed that preciousness we have on valuable things, to the things that come easily into our lives, then maybe we would not have this plastic issue in the sea???!

In the meantime, with no money to spare, I have been visually collecting my favourite looks from the other SS10 shows! What do you think?!


Vanessa Bruno


Viktor&Rolf(Roisin Murphy performing)



Louis Vuitton

Karen Walker


Issey Miyake

I think I am going through a spotty, checkered, stripy, beigey nudey baggy phase??!!!


  1. great collection of nice looks! sounds like a good phase:)

  2. oooh, if only I had the money?! some great shows for ss10. It's all on if you are interested?!