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Friday, June 26, 2009

plastic free diet

Today I made a pledge. I am going on a diet to be plastic free.
This video on plastics in the sea broke my heart (Toxic Garbage Island on VBS TV)
I immediately thought I must tell everyone...but then remembered a little something from an article...that you can't tell people what to do...' need to inspire them'

Hmmm, before I can do that, I need to make some changes myself.

So... David de Rothschild is making a boat out of recycled plastics...and I am going on a diet!


  1. After reading your blog, i'm so inspired that i pledge to go on Plastic Diet... Its just a matter of a little bit inconvenience and we can actually make a difference, my heart really breaks every time i look at all the garbage scattered around spoiling the nature. At least i can make few changes to my lifestyle and do my part :)

  2. Thanks "rims"! Your comment has inspired me!
    let me know how you go...or any tips/tricks that you find along the way!