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Monday, September 28, 2009

oh weather,

our little trip to the blue mountains was surprising...beautiful sunny 26 degree weather one day and cold windy 11 degree weather the next. It even snowed(just a for a little bit)...and that was right after our strange red dust storm...?
How crazy is that?
besides weather craziness, the blossoms were lovely!
 my "miku" with the blossoms!


  1. I've been there in November when it snowed. Crazy place.

  2. oh, wow, i'm confused, it is autumn in Antwerp.
    i love blossoms!

  3. Wow, snow in november?! that is crazy?!!!?

    Sorry to confuse, but Australia's weather is opposite to Europe. So it's spring for us now!

  4. lovely blossoms! what is a miku??

  5. oh, that's what I call my car...miku-chan,( short from micra, they're pronounced mi-ku-ra in Japan! I have a nissan micra!)