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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our exhibition at Takehara

We just got back from Japan last week. This week we were busy with a zine fair in Sydney and are finally getting around to organising our photos and Pozible rewards.

Here are some images of our Bamboo Princess installation at Takehara. Our inspiration came from the 10th Century Japanese folk tale: Kaguya Hime(Kaguya Princess)/ The tale of the bamboo cutter. (It is the story of a girl who was found in a stalk of a glowing bamboo). Our installation was looking at the spirit of the Princess inside the bamboo, as well as the Shinto belief that gods and spirits coexist in everything. We exhibited our work in an the old historic house Matsuzaka- tei.

 In the studio, Kasai- tei

 working in the studio

  Taka setting up in the installation space

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