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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mustafa's Atelier

We were very lucky to meet Mustafa through a friend. He is a Moroccan Artist living and working in the old medina of Casablanca.
We spent a day with him starting off with mint tea at a cafe, then a stroll through the medina and some art making in his atelier. He works on projects and his own art making during the day and teaches children in the afternoon. He is very passionate about spreading the love of art to children who may not have access to it, it was really inspiring...even to hear some local kids come knocking at his door that afternoon... Mustafa!

This is Mustafa.

The picture above and below is his favourite building. We don't speak French or Arabic, and he doesn't speak English or Japanese, but we had Italian in common. He would say "come bellissima é questo blu....é bellissima'

The atelier.

He is very inspired by the colours of the medina. The old walls with layers and layers of peeling colour, tiles and his own childhood memories growing up in the medina.

Grazie mille Mustafa!