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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

local hand made.

Luxury has changed a lot. In the past it was eating in a three-star restaurant. Now it’s eating home-grown vegetables in a garden or somewhere on a mountain, or going to a small cottage where you find handmade cheese, and just having a taste of that in open air, that’s luxury now. In fashion it’s a bit the same. In the past, haute couture was luxury. And now finding a sweater in hand-spun cashmere somewhere in the hills of Nepal is far more exciting and luxurious.

- Dries Van Noten


  1. ooh yes indeedy! Love this!
    And Nepal is fashionable?! Woot! I am apparently semi-fashionable!
    Bring on the cheese..

  2. ooo i thought it was you speaking till the end! i miss you Yumi-chan! so much...Hey! Luke is coming to Tokyo next month! ZOMG! exciting! xoxo