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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the spirit of a 104 year old

Last night I heard the news of Takashi Shimokawara. A 104year old who was swept away by the tsunami. This story is a beautiful story of a man who lived life to the fullest any one could ever imagine. He was born in 1906. He was a highschool teacher until he retired in his 60's. After his retirement he almost lost himself in the midst of nothingness until he found "Shigin"(Japanese poetry that is usually chanted). He says that it brought him back to life.
Then at 98 he entered the World Masters Athletics and at 100 he held the world title for Shot put, Discus and Javelin throw. He trained every morning and completed all of his own house work.

He said, 'thinking about world titles and numbers doesn't work, it's when your body and heart come together that you can make magic'

Shimokawara san, ありがとう, thank you for your spirit. I am so happy to have had a glimpse into your life and story.

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