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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flower Hope Japan

6 months ago, we were asked to be part of an exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo.
When the devastating earthquake hit Japan on the 11th March, this country suffered more than anyone could ever have imagined.
We decided to continue on with plans for the exhibition, hoping to raise funds for the earthquake affected areas but due to the "blackouts" the exhibition will be postponed until next year. Our Narita exhibition is still on schedule but it will depend on the situation next week.

We have made a small video, which we plan to teach at a workshop in Narita to raise funds for Red Cross Japan.
We are calling this our "Flower Hope Japan Project". We want to spread HOPE to as many people as we can and raise funds at the same time.

To make a flower full of HOPE(!) you will need:
a paper bag(recycle an old one!), scissors and colourful masking tape. If you don't have masking tape, you can use stickers or pens and pencils

If you like our video please donate to the Red cross Japan earthquake and tsunami relief, any small amount makes a huge difference.



  1. Yumi I love these so much!! They are stunning and that last image with all of them together was gorgeous! Thanks for teaching and thanks for the reminder to give!!
    Much love

  2. Yumi

    A wonderful and great idea. Julia and myself are going to make some flowers of hope over the weekend.

    Stay safe
    Jen and Julia x

  3. Beautiful Yum! I can't wait to make 100000 flowers of hope!