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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MIni- Flower Bomb Making

Our little vid for flower bomb making....we still need to add sound but you should:
STEP 1. play your favourite x'mas tune(I recommend anything from The Rat Pack christmas album, so good.)
STEP 2. press play on vid....VOILA festive crafting x'mas delight!

Step 1: choose 6 sheets of tissue paper and lay them on top of the other into a neat pile.
Step 2: begin to fold the tissue paper (accordion style) folding and flipping the paper, as if you are making a fan. each fold should be around 1- 1.5cm wide.
Step 3: find the centre and twist a wire ribbon to hold it into place. you can also use string or a paper clip.
Step 4: cut a round shape at each end of the folded paper. this determines the petal shape, you could cut a jaggered, wavy or round shape!
Step 5: unfold the flower and slowly pull out each layer of tissue paper. do one side first and repeat on the other.
Finish!: now you have a lovely flower! To connect the flowers together, take a piece of string and tie it through the centre of one and then through the centre of the next.(don't forget to use the cut-off shapes as part of your mobile...we are aming for zero waste!)
We will post steps for bigger bombs and different ideas for the use of your lovely flowers later!


p.s. you can see a detailed movie for making an individual flower here, made by my talented friend emma over at Feeling Fuzzy.
p.p.s. our bombs are also featured in Ebony's lovely new gift wrapping zine