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Thursday, July 22, 2010

thank you

pre- show, it's over!
thank you for everyone who dropped by and all your lovely support.
Jerome for the music.
Blair for the video.
Kirst+ Emma for the lovely champagne and flowers.
Sweetness for the beautiful treats.
and my lovely Taka for everything!

Kirst + Jerome

Nathan + Emma

Sweetness treats!


Taka with camellias made from washi paper

Photos by Emma and Taka .


  1. Darling girl, did you sell the big one of the vase and flowers? (in the middle of the fourth picture from the bottom - i think i've seen it before, you did it a while ago, no? ) I really love that one.. if its for sale i would love to have it!

    So proud of your success...

  2. ah, my dear livvy...yes it did sell! and guess who? none other than liz's parents! Liz snapped up the painting your parents wanted and her parents snapped up the painting you wanted!

  3. Oh Yum, I love your setting up shots! Esp the one with Taka holding the paper flowers... I really liked that piece a lot, it would look so nice in any room and bring contemplation from above!


  4. hello emsy!
    would you like to mind the flower piece while we are in France?...Now that you can't mind could mind camellias?!
    what do you think? (p.s. i am serious! we have no room for it!)