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Monday, March 1, 2010

nudity 4 unity

This morning I woke up at 3am to join thousands of people involved in Spencer Tunick's Opera House installation.
There was an amazing energy of serene equality that I have never felt before.
There were 3 shoots: on the Opera House steps, in the Opera House and in the Botanical Gardens.

He spoke before the "strip off"(?!) and spoke a little about the event. Here are some of his thoughts from this morning...
'Today is a coming together of straight people with gay people...this is a sign of unity'
'The nudity in these photos, is an acceptance of each other without sexuality.'


  1. Oh fantastic Yumi! What an amazing experience! And so super quick at popping up images... beautifuL!


  2. oooo you nudey rudey!
    it's like the sento only in Sydney!

  3. Amazing. can u find yourself in any pics? do u get copies?
    was it cold? did Taka go too? Did u talk to your neighbours?
    sorry.. i am kinda intrigued by such activity!

  4. he he he!
    I can't find myself in any of the press released photos, but I was chosen for a small botanical gardens shoot(in front of the glass pyramid green house?!) and media wasn't around for that. So I will have to wait to Tunick produces the photos to see that one. I can't wait to see all of his works.
    We all get a copy of the main opera house step photos. It was was probably one of the cooler days we've had since winter last year and it was windy and rainy. Taka came for the main photo. Yes you talk to your neighbours(we were naked for over an hour in front of the opera house!)...once everyones nude you forget that it's a strange becomes normal?!
    I loved it! it was exciting and inspiring.