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Thursday, January 14, 2010

before and after

Before(circa 2009)

a new year, a new room, a new direction...a positive happy change!

2010 is dedicated for my paintings and art. I needed a space, that didn't include painting in the living room or kitchen and it took 2 weeks to clear out my poor little spare room, taken over by junky junk!
... now it's free to breathe!

After(circa 2010)


  1. Good for you for making the time and space for this. I am still using the kitchen table, and more often than not, my lap.

  2. how wonderful - to clear a new space for your art. i think there is nothing like making a new space, is the most wonderful thing! i hope you paint and make many many lovely things in your new space:) and are those flowers from your garden?? if so, ii ne!!!

  3. ooou, thank you for all your encouraging thoughts! I will keep you posted on some new works and projects I am embarking on!!!

    p.s. some of the flowers were from the markets and some from my walks around the neighbourhood...(thank you neighbours?!)...I dream dream dream of a garden full of flowers...someday soon, and then it would be a definite ii ne!

  4. yay for your new creative space! what a great start to the year and those flowers are so pretty x