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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

**350** 24th October= International day of climate action

we r knitta, gritta looping!(taka, me& jessy)

mark it in your diary!
here is the info: 350
In preparation for this great day, Taka and I have started making knitted and woven baskets made out of recycled plastic bags to assist the amazing KNITTY GRITTY & LOOPY team! They have decided to make 350 baskets for the day, to be exhibited at the opera house for the 350 project.
If you want to join? or volunteer some time to knit, grit or loop(?!) come along this sunday, Centennial Park 11-3(near the bell sculpture cafe)...we will be there, being very busy with our hands and needles!

me with my floppy, lopsided creation?!

taka...the hairy monster with his knitted nest!

80 done, 270 baskets to go!(with little miss scarlettina!)


  1. looks fun my dear. And love to see your happy face :)

    Well, the DP Eco Bag has made its African debut... It is one little bag and one huge (plastic littered) continent..but a thundering waterfall starts with a single drop of water..

    Miss u xx

  2. owwww they are so cute! I love taka's one! I want to make one too! eeeeep I have to learn to weave!
    Maybe it can be my malaysia project!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. Thanks for your lovely thoughts! Thanks to the great Loopy team and their brilliant ideas!