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Monday, September 14, 2009

thank you!

me with our little baby!

kirsten with her bag!

Emma with her bag!

Lana, Scarlet and Liane, proud DP's!

my first special customer, with her bag!...(and an amazing dress!)

a BIG thank you from dear plastic to cut + paste for a lovely weekend. 
our debut was super sweet! Thank you Penelope and Nicole for organising a wonderful event...and thank you for all our lovely visits!
here are some pics from the weekend.
...another market this weekend, COFA spring fair- hope to see you there?! 


  1. Can you save me a Dear (non)Plastic baggie please? So i can Wow the Khartoum locals and inspire some greenlie-ness?
    c u soon..

  2. Hi Yumi, was so great to meet you at the cut+paste, you have so many lovely things- I am sure we will be seeing much more of you on the market circuit :) your fellow stallholder, jess!

  3. livvy! the bag is waiting and ready for you!
    Hi Jess! It was great to meet you also...and I love your bags too! Where are you market-ing next???!