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Saturday, July 11, 2009

sharing and caring

A day trip to the ACT to visit 2 exhibitions:

Each exhibition, very exciting on their own... but I really liked the Knitta Please project. My friend Emma who attended the talk with Magda Sayeg (knitta please founder and yarn bomber!), said that there wasn't any in-depth concept behind covering and knitting around objects...more an interest in engaging the public...creating warm, happy thoughts!

It is like a community art work. Everyone sending their scraps of knitting to be used in the installation...not to bring it back to the co-op...but similarly, I like that sense of community, where people work together towards a project.

It almost takes away possession of an art piece and allows everyone to be part of exhibited art. 

Each scrap of  knitting was tagged with where it came from and the knitter's I was looking at a few pieces a lady approached me and we got chatting! She asked me if I remembered Bronwen Sandland's House Cosy, 2002...where 100 volunteer knitters helped Sandland cover a house in Canberra.  '...the feeling and light inside the house was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced' (sorry I could only find this tiny image?!)


  1. lovely! i like how each is tagged with the knitters name - like how when people would sew their name into the quilt square they made as part of a larger community quilt:)

  2. I didn't think of that!... It's such a lovely idea!

  3. Oh the installations look amazing!I'm so glad you got to see them... xEmma