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Monday, June 29, 2009

take'n it slow

Frankie is 30...jul/aug 2009! As i flip through, I find my dear friend Jessika Steiner hanging in the pages! I did not know she was a writer(a talented one I must add!) until now. It's such a nice surprise to find out that your friends have different talents and special gifts that you never knew of?!

She has written an article on taking things slow.  On groups around the world that are saying "no" to speed and "yes" to slow. That having things 'instant' isn't actually the best and enjoying the process and patience of growing with life is important for our well being.

I'm with you Jessi...'dear plastic' is pro for take'n it slow!


  1. Yumi-chan! I love your new blog! xxx
    And I too was so excited to see Jess in Frankie! Isn't she clever!
    Love Love

  2. Ebo-chan, arigatou...
    Jessi is a clever cookie!